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ISBN : 978-81-19281-15-2
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20555

Unleash Your Power: From Ordinary to Extraordinary at Work

For Students,Teachers and Professionals

Dr.Abhinav and Priyangu Manjari Singh

e Book
Pages : 141
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 320.00

About author : Dr.Abhinav: Dr. Abhinav graduated from Visvesvaraya Technological University in Belagavi, Karnataka, India, and has been writing professionally for almost 7 years. He has worked for many colleges and universities in Karnataka for over 14 years. He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Dayananda Sagar Technology Academy and Management in Bangalore. Prof. Abhinav has authored a number of books in the domains of engineering and humanities, as well as scholarly works in Elsevier, Springer, IOPSciences, and the American Institute of Physics, among others. In addition to his writing, he is well-known for his other important achievements at the national and international levels, such as awards, academic research, and so on. Ms.Priyangu Manjari Singh: Ms.Priyangu Manjari Singh received her M.A., B.Ed., and PGDGE degrees from Ranchi University, Nagpur University, and Aditya Birla Education Academy Mumbai, in that order. She is a passionate writer with over 15 years of professional experience. She has made numerous scholastic contributions, including authoring a book for primary school students, writing short tales, script writing, and poems, among others. She is currently employed as a teacher at Stepping Stones High School in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

About book : Welcome to "From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Unleashing Your Potential at Work." In today's fast-paced and competitive professional world, it is no longer enough to settle for mediocrity. To truly thrive and make a meaningful impact, we must strive for greatness and unleash our full potential. This book is a roadmap to help you transform from an ordinary employee to an extraordinary one. It is designed to empower you with the mindset, strategies, and skills needed to excel in the workplace and stand out among your peers. Whether you are just starting your career or looking to level up in your current position, this book will provide you with the tools and insights to make a significant difference in your professional life. Chapter by chapter, we will delve into key areas that contribute to personal and professional growth. We will explore the power of mindset and how it shapes our beliefs, actions, and outcomes. You will learn how to cultivate a growth mindset that fuels your ambition and propels you toward success. Setting goals and pursuing personal development will be another focal point of our journey. We will delve into effective goal-setting techniques and discuss strategies for continuous learning and skill-building. By honing your abilities and investing in your own growth, you will position yourself for extraordinary achievements. Developing effective work habits is essential for maximizing productivity and effectiveness. We will explore time management, communication skills, collaboration, problem-solving, and decision-making strategies. These fundamental skills will enable you to navigate challenges with confidence and contribute meaningfully to your organization. Embracing challenges and taking calculated risks is a pivotal part of the journey from ordinary to extraordinary. We will address the fear of failure, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seizing opportunities for growth. By pushing your boundaries and embracing change, you

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