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ISBN : 978-93-6087-753-8
Category : Academic
Catalogue : History
ID : SB20929

The Koch Dynasty and Charismatic Bir Chilarai

The Koch Dynasty and Charismatic Bir Chilarai

Dr. Subhajit Choudhury

e Book
Pages : 310
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 549.00

About author : Working as Head of the Section, Academic Affairs, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. Served as Deputy Registrar, Assam University Diphu Campus, (on lien from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati). Did PhD, MPhil, MLISc, BLISc in Library and Information Science. Have published 65 research papers in National & International conference proceeding, journals and also contributed chapters in six edited books , one bood edited (IGI Global, USA, Lap Lambert Germany, New Delhi publishing and IIP publishing). Expert in Information Literacy and Health Literacy. Health Literacy model developed for COVID19, Diabetic Mellitus etc. based on Anthropological investigation. Delivered around 160+ lectures which includes IFLA Singapore, IFLA Helsinki, Brazil, 18th World Congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnical Sciences IUAES, Brazil 2018, IUAES World congress in Thammasat University Bangkok 2015, International conference of Special Library in Yogyakarta 2017, Indonesia. Recently started working on Indian Independence and INA including Netaji, Rash Behari Bose focusing international relations specifically on strategies and policies of INA in South East Asia. Since 2015 working in social anthropology and indigenous knowledge system of India and South Asia. Organized INA Heritage Route in South East Asia covering five countries (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam) in October 2022 to commemorate the celebration of Azadi ka Amrit mahotsav His research areas are Information Literacy, E-Governance, ICT in LICs, Community Information Science, Itihasa and its implications in society, Health Literacy, Indigenous people (Social Anthropology) Pre-history etc. Life member of ILA, IUAES, IASLIC. Khetra Organising Secretary, Uttar Purba Khetra (North East India), Akhil Bharatiya Itihas Sankalan Yojana, New Delhi. Members of Editorial Board: Itihas Barta, Published by Bharatiya itihas Sankalan Samiti Assam Completed Major project of India

About book : The chivalrous and charismatic Koch Generalissimo Sukladwaj known as Chilarai, was the younger brother & Prime Minister of King Naranarayan of the kingdom of Kamrupa-Kamata Kingdom during 1510-1571. Before mentioning about Mahaveer Chilarai, it would be worthy to mention that Maharaj Viswa Singha, who rose from the position of cow-hard king to that of a very powerful monarch of Kamrupa-Kamata and the founder of the Koch Kingdom, was a great and benevolent king. He was known as a great warrior, a superb organizer of people, a just and efficient ruler, extraordinarily courageous, highly religious, tolerant in attitudes, and undoubtedly adventurous with sky rocketing ambitions. His children in general, Naranarayan and Chilarai in particular must have genetically inherited all the great qualities of their father, importantly aggressive personality, organizing and leadership qualities and there of a nation builder. The qualities as part of teaching vis-à-vis learning were-art of warfare, wrestling, study of the sastras, weaponry, horse-riding and fighting from horse-back and particularly attacking the enemy with swords & shields, spears, bows & arrows, fire-arms etc. Once Nara Singha, one of the sons of Viswa Singha, succeeded the throne after the death of Viswa Singha without following norms as set by his father. Naranarayan and Chilarai removed him from the throne and further entered Nepal to fetch Nara Singha who fled to Nepal. In Nepal, the king of Nepal honored both Naranarayan and Chilarai. As “Hanuman Danda” and Druga murti as the sacred deity of Koch kingdom also recovered from Narasimha by Chilarai with delicate approach. Further, the duo brother (Naranarayan and Chilarai) continued to extend their kingdom with massive platoon of soldiers little over 6 lakhs with Bhutiya, Daflas, and Bhuyan joined as one force. The boundaries extended right from Bihar, Bengal, Manipur, Tripura, Kashmir, Lower Assam, Upper Assam, Bhutan, Nepal and Banglade

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