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ISBN : 978-93-6087-747-7
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Poetry
ID : SB21033

A Poetry Book

Experience to life

Priyatam Choubey

e Book
Pages : 72
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 250.00

About author : The author has completed its masters in tecnology but have deep interest in poetry and indian psychology. After studying various aspect of indian psychology to 14 years the author tested it with the experience to life and found right and interesting. The author expressed the knowledge in its own artistic way

About book : The book is a experimental experience to Indian psychology. The poet worked 14 years to understand different aspect of it. Although It is a fact no internal experience is fully expressed through art and it doesn't a problem but specific property of it. No claim is made that the knowledge contained is complete. The path of knowlege is infinite journey.

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