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ISBN : 978-93-93557-02-5
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Love Stories
ID : SB20209


Hiten jain

e Book
Pages : 75
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 200.00

About author : HITEN JAIN was born on 8th august 2002 in Udaipur Rajasthan. He was grown in a well-going family he had a good interest in martial arts, painting, chess, acting, cooking, computers, and writing. Usually, with headphones on his ears, a happy to go boy with a jolly nature, struggling to find his true path he completed his higher secondary education from Udaipur only and started the journey of writing in 2018 when he was in 10th, writing just for fun he casually took part in a local poetry competition and his work was now appreciated. He got motivated and started posting his poems and other writings on social media. After passing his 12th standard he entered a college in Jaipur for the course of Bachelors of Computer Applications. He was having fun and enjoying the hostel life. Because of his good ability to think and plan things he had a full-proof story that no one can ever replicate. He decided to pen down the story and started writing his very first book- YOU SEE ME IN LOVE. He wishes to write at least one more book before he gets out of college. working with only one motivation that- ‘Have big dreams and work hard to experience and enjoy them in reality

About book : The book is based on the story of a 5-year-old boy, his bad living conditions, and himself watching the pain and problems of his father. the story takes a big turn and something happens which changes the boy forever. he then enters a hostel and starts living the life he wanted. how he leaves the hostel and starts a relationship with a beautiful girl, the good going relation starts facing some problems and they get separated. what happens further is shortly described in the book and with all this ends the first part of the book.

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