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ISBN : 978-81-19517-35-0
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Love Stories
ID : SB20675

In the Search of Family!

A Journey of an Overlooked Child to Finding His Soulmate and family!

Nilesh Gaikwad

e Book
Pages : 181
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Nilesh Gaikwad is a young author from Pune, working as a professional in the IT industry with over ten years of experience. He is a mechanical engineer and works for a top software company in Pune. Nilesh is married to a loving wife and they have a 4.5-year-old daughter. 'In the Search of Family!', is His first novel.

About book : Life is full of surprises and unexpected circumstances that can bring about both joy and sorrow. This is the story of such a life-altering event that changed one man’s life forever. The man is from a traditional family, where he felt neglected and ignored due to several family issues. But, instead of dwelling on the past, he moved forward and pursued his dreams. The world can be a cruel place; it can be especially hard on children who are left without love or support from their families. He had grown up without the love and affection of his family; reaching adulthood alone and with nothing to show for the years before. He completed college, got his first job, and even found his dream girl. Unfortunately, his family refused to accept his choice of bride since she was from another community. Despite the difficulties, the couple remained in love and life was going well until one of the man’s closest friends passed away, leaving him grieving and devastated. But, despite the sorrow, he married the girl of his dreams and was blessed with a 4.5-year-old daughter at the time of this writing. The couple continued to struggle in life, despite all their hardships, to provide their daughter a better life and to build a house with their hard-earned money. Unexpectedly, the couple got caught in a debt-traps and to provide debt-relief, the man moved out of the country to the UK, leaving his family behind. Despite all the odds, with sheer will, determination and hard work, the man managed to clear his debts and build a better life. Now, he is longing to go back to his family and loving wife, to reunite with them. The struggle of an individual not receiving happy and genuine family life do not end there. But this young man showed the world that if you have the courage and faith to follow your heart, despite the odds, even the worst of circumstances can still be overcome. He proved what all of us should never forget– that nothing is stronger than unconditional love. T

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