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ISBN : 978-93-95362-46-7
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20368

Unleash The Wellness Code for Women

Rewiring of Neurons: Reprogramming Of Mind And Body for Stress Management

Dr. Richa Satsangi

e Book
Pages : 84
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 399.00

About author : Dr. Richa Satsangi is a scientist by work and theology and consciousness scholar, Super coach, Mindset Coach, International senior life coach, Advanced Certified NLP expert, Nutrition and weight loss specialist, optimistic visionary, and health enthusiast. she has a progressive mindset and positive beliefs towards holistic health. She is the creator of Programs Rapid Fat Burning Code’ and ‘Accelerated Wellness Blueprint’ for women ‘whose mission is to provide a secret mantra for holistic health. She is on a mission to make the world healthier and happy day by day by reprogramming people and their neurons to eliminate mental blocks, remove unconscious patterns of poor mental health like stress, fear, anxiety, and depression, get rid of phobias, painful memories, fears and eliminate limiting beliefs to achieve a positive mental health by gaining resourceful states to unlock internal healing powers, installing empowering beliefs, create health and happiness, and increase momentum and energy. By her apt scientific knowledge and experiences, she is helping many to achieve good health and mindset. One of the best-known author for conceptualizing scientific facts for general audience. She is an avid reader and has a curious mind. For her, the journey to explore and understand the depths of the human mind is very thrilling, she has written many research articles on consciousness and neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity. Through her own life journey, She has experienced challenges that have taught her patience and perseverance and helped her find her life purpose. She is driven by purpose and mission to help people discover their inner power so that they can be the best versions of themselves. To gain more wisdom on health and mindset follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook: • Wings to Wellness • Rewiring brain for health and happiness. Instagram: CoachDrRicha richathe_wellness_coach YouTube: Quantum Wellness Code - YouTube

About book : Unleash the Wellness Code for Women. (Rewiring of neurons: Mind and Body reprogramming) is an amazing story that focuses on the main health concerns and problems related to women. Women handle stress differently than men and are more prone to stress and anxiety. They have numerous factors for their internal stress generation. Their external stress list is also very long. By 6- a step powerful process, the complete health code is deciphered in simple ways and methodology which is easy to follow. By neural linguistic programming tools along with wellness practices, a healthy fit body and mindset can be achieved. For more understanding of the program and how it works please join my programs and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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