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ISBN : 978-93-95125-42-0
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20312


Proven Methods to Programming Your Mind for Happiness and Wealth

Diptanshu Sharma

e Book
Pages : 98
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 299.00

About author : Diptanshu Sharma has a multifarious experience of over 20 years in IT, Visual Communication, Project Management, and web technologies. He helped setup PCWorld India Test Centre. He has appeared on CNBC TV to speak on technology, contributed in various print and web publications. He is has received training in five different martial arts; he has keen interest in outdoor and motorsport. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner, and has successfully undergone Yogendra Singh Rathore's Super Coach Programme.

About book : This book is targeted to those who have been struggling for some time, and feel they are somehow unable to move ahead and achieve their desired goals. You feel you’re doing all that’s physically possible and yet it seems the money is just beyond your reach. You are failing to attract wealth, the right people, and the right conditions that can carry you to your goals. In this book you will understand your current situation, where you are in your life, what and why of the things you like, and attract toward you, and how to change that. Here are some simple maxims that have been tried and tested by mind and thought experts around the world, and I bring to you all that science and knowledge, as well as bits of my experiences, in a compact, easy to understand format, which you can use to your success.

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