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ISBN : 978-81-945989-2-3
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Economic Finance and Business Management
ID : SB19981

Stress Management

How to Deal with Stress

Dr. Raj Kumari Sangwaan

e Book
Pages : 63
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Dr Raj Sangwaan is working as a Principal in Arya College of Education, Haryana.Research guide at Shri J.J.T.U Rajasthan, CBSE Resource Person , Director at Learning Nest Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd., Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Parenting Coach, Story –Teller.She has done M.Sc(Zoology),M.A(Eng, Education), B.Ed, Mphil(Education), Ph.D(Education). D.lit (Honorary) . She has more than 18 years experience in teaching.She has presented more than 15 Research papers and articles in National and International Seminars, Conferences at different places in Universities/Colleges In India. She has published 20 Research papers and Articles for different reputed national and International Journals of the country. She has published 10 Abstracts for different Souvenir of different Universities /colleges.She has contributed With Chapters in various Edited books with ISBN NO. She has written educational Articles for The Mentor, The Progressive Teachers, Teacher’s Net. She believes in sharing of knowledge and collaborative professional development among the teaching community. She has always keen to help the future breed of students with their Research and studies alike and provides those guidelines for their aspects.she has also been felicitated as Kat Acharya Award 2018 For Best Principal by education minister of Haryana Sh. Rambilas Sharma at M.M.University Mullana, Haryana, and Arya group of institutions Ch. Dadri Haryana 2019 on Teachers Day and Best Teachers award by Vaish Education Society Ch dadri 2006.

About book : As the word STRESS strikes to our mind, at once we are stressed, why? Why we always want to be in comfortable zone? Don’t want to choose hard work? We love only smooth and peaceful life always. Nature is also not same it too have different seasons autumn and spring both seasons are contradictory to each other. Nature’s law of survival who will adapt with nature will survive and rest will die. Situations will come and go but the requirement is only to stand and face the situations boldly as nothing is permanent in this world. Everything moves in cyclic manner Day is followed by Night complete darkness but after that sunny day has to come with new hopes in life. So, learn from Nature. Stress is nothing but a state of mind on seeing unfavourable situations. Stress is not bad always. Everyone must have little bit stress in live as it is motivational or driving force that will push people to work better and harder. One can see from history the great persons who so ever faced stressful conditions in their lives created history Lal Bahadur Shastri, Abrahim Lincon, APJ Abdul Kalam, Dhirubhai Ambani , MS Dhoni, Rajnikant , Akshay kumar, Dilip kumar, Our P.M Narender Modi etc. Have stress for better future.But don’t let the stress to dominate over your potential.But now a days people are carrying stress and facing health issues such as depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, Sugar, Kidney failure, Heart issues due to prolonged effects of stress. Develope your strategies to cope with stress.V No one can eliminate stress from life but can manage stress to minimise its adverse effects on body. One can learn how to deal effectively with STRESS. This book will help you surely in managing stress and making your lives happy. Keep in mind this wonderful word “YOLO” that means you live only once, so enjoy life and have stress free life

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