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ISBN : 978-81-19084-71-5
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20508


The Secret of Transformational Radiance & Energy to Sail Smilingly

Pramod Sharma

e Book
Pages : 88
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 245.00

About author : Since 2005, author Pramod Sharma has been educating young people. He has been employed in the Rashtriya Indian Military College in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, as of late. His passion is for teaching and running wellness programmes for young people in particular. He has the unusual ability to recognise the source of the issue right away. As a Teacher-cum- Life coach he is passionate about helping people who are struggling with stress, worry, and fear. He is an enthusiastic poet and reader who enjoys writing in both Hindi and English. He has consistently adored moulding young brains throughout his profession, which has lasted for almost two decades. He is accustomed to dealing with bright young people and guiding them towards becoming morally upright individuals. In this constantly evolving, technologically advanced world, his expertise lies in identifying the psychological and emotional needs of the youths. He thinks that speaking the language of love is the finest one can do. Additionally, he believes that exercising thankfulness and happiness today is crucial. He enjoys directing plays, documentaries, and loves playing harmonica.

About book : STEP -BY-STEP WELLNESS BLUEPRINT Do you occasionally find yourself dragged into the never-ending whirlpool of interrogations and become stuck constantly? Do you always hear the following sounds playing in your head? Why are we here? Why should we coexist peacefully? Why is letting go of the past baggage important? How can waiting until later decrease the power of our dreams? How does gratitude work its magic? How does nature nourish? How do relationships become toxic, and how do they get back on track? How has parenting changed in this digitally advanced era, and how can the strength and enthusiasm of young people be harnessed? Why does this only occur to me? If so, you have made the right buddy and are at the perfect place. The difficulties that arise from all areas of life and ultimately drive us into the depths of stress, anxiety, and fear—the modern-day demons—tend to be solved step-by-step in this book. We all experience stress now that we have adopted a modern lifestyle, but we are not even aware of it. A harmonious state seems far away, and any disturbance to the body and mind's equilibrium causes stress. Career, life, relationship, marriage, wealth creation, etc., if all these things fall into place, life becomes meaningful, but if there is an incongruity between our current state and the desired state, it undoubtedly gives birth to stress. This book gives readers insight into how crucial it is to manage stress lest it wreck our lives and turn us into psychologically and emotionally ill individuals. This book not only outlines some very straightforward yet effective techniques and suggests some small adjustments to daily routines that one should make in order to reduce stress and make life itself meaningful, but it also divulges the key to transformational radiance and energy. This book seeks to address the HOW and WHY of our existence, to put it briefly.

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veena thakur : I m so happy for you best of luck my friend Good luck on all your new adventures 03 May 2023


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