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Reinventing Connection catalyst
Reinventing Connection catalyst
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ISBN : 978-93-95362-60-3
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20376

Reinventing Connection catalyst

How to deal Narcissicstic personality and attain happiness in life


e Book
Pages : 144
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 299.00

About author : ABOUT THE AUTHOR While MAMTA's father passed away when she was quite little, her childhood was difficult. She manages to finish her education. She was hired for her first work as a teacher before emerging as a textile designer in 1997. Although she put a lot of effort into this area as well, the employer did not offer her a promotion. Her fantasy of a dream has suddenly been destroyed because her sibling passed away. To support herself, she needs to relocate to Delhi. She has made sacrifices and is making an effort to deal with the problem. Later she fulfilled her dream and became a Logistics head in a petroleum company MAMTA realized that we could have the lives we desire. And there has been no turning back since coming to that knowledge. She began her professional life as the director of a pharma firm in Africa before moving on to become the marketing head of an engineering company's. She also lost her mother and sibling in the meanwhile. Now that she is alone herself, she realizes how well-versed you are in communication techniques and introspection of your self and then regular thought process she asked herself that- what to do next? People flock to you for advice on their profession, finances, relationships, or health. So why don't you begin a counselling and mentoring practices for others as well? Due to Covid-19 and my elder sister's death happened, the past two years have been quite difficult for her. However, she suddenly began taking courses after being enlightened, and now she is prepared to enter the market. While running and hopping around , she wrote the book. • Learn more about my workshops, which go further into the ideas covered in this book. • Learn about my classes that focus on boosting vibrations, being a domestic goddess, and strengthening relationships, profession, money, health, and other aspects of life. • Request that I speak at the event. • Follow me on  Instagram handle ---mamtasingh9175  email id--

About book : The goal of this book is to comprehend what relationships really imply. You will receive some really juicy information about your relationships that will cause them to go forward and cause ripples. You will discover how to awaken yourself to handle relationships with your spouse in this book. How to develop a close, linked relationship with each other. Relationships should require a lot of effort. Have you ever discussed your appreciation for your relationship with them? Find out how to identify toxic individuals in your life. How a narcissist interferes with your life. How to identify the narcissistic presence in your life. How many of you felt like you were in a toxic relationship? How many of you have experienced a toxic relationship and felt unworthy? You feel unlovable? Have you ever used the five love languages in your relationships? If not, then the REINVENTING CONNECTION CATALYST a hidden guide that will help you overcome these obstacles and develop authentic connections with others and with yourself. It demands complete honesty regarding narcissism, attachment patterns, self-worth, and other issues. Do you yearn for a devoted partner? Are you prepared to build the relationship you want? Are you concerned about finding a life mate who is deserving of your attention and effort? You must read about various practices and NLP techniques in the solution section. If so, then this book is a good reference. Her book expresses her perception of how relationships should develop in a positive ways only as life is too short to live . She listed the things you might do to live an amazing life with the use of NLP methods and affirmations for inner peace in order to get beyond mental obstacles and perform at your best in relationships by swapping out shyness and discomfort with a strong mentality and positive conviction. Finally, I'll admit that after reading her book, I had the impression that it was written in a way that would inspire regular people to act an

Customer Reviews

Kiran Swami : Mamta di is a very lovely friend and near to my heart. she has written a wonderful book for us and we must read it. 29 November 2022


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