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ISBN : 978-81-19084-42-5
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20494

Quantum Sleep Science

A step-by-step system to optimize your sleep increase focus and live energetically

Ketan Sinha

e Book
Pages : 67
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 199.00

About author : Meet Ketan, the author of "Quantum Sleep Science" alias “The Sleep Mechanic” on the road to holistic wellness through sleep. Ketan is a transformation expert who has always been passionate about health and nutrition. During his school days, he acted as a WHO health guide and was recognized for his exceptional knowledge in this area. Ketan's interest in natural healing led him to explore Ayurveda, Chinese, and Tibetan practices, which he believes can provide great benefits to individuals. His focus has always been on going "back to basics" and promoting the power of natural self-healing. Ketan believes that sleep is a vital component of natural healing and has summarized beautifully the benefits of optimizing sleep to increase focus and stay energetic. To spread his message about natural healing through sleep, Ketan runs a program called "Be Well Sleep Well," where he coaches people with his step-by-step system. He is dedicated to providing a unique proposition for people to heal themselves naturally through sleeping well. Ketan's expertise in transformation has given him a unique perspective on how to apply concepts of transformation to sleep science. He believes that by mirroring these concepts, individuals can achieve natural healing through optimal sleep, which can lead to success in all aspects of life. In "Quantum Sleep Science," Ketan combines his knowledge of transformation, natural healing, and sleep science to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to achieving success through natural healing. So you can “Be Well” if you “Sleep Well” Please Note: I am very happy to share that during this book-writing journey, I have been able to successfully “install” the quantum mechanics of sleep in my 10-year-old son Darsh and he is extremely conscious about how and when he sleeps. He can now give good pointers to her mom and others reminding them about the “Importance of Sleep” So this has

About book : "Quantum Sleep Science" is an enlightening book that delves into the fascinating world of sleep science, providing valuable insights into the importance of sleep and how it can enhance overall wellness. This book is an essential guide for anyone who wants to learn more about the factors that impact sleep, and how to improve the quality of their sleep for a more restful and rejuvenating experience. The book explores the fundamental aspects of sleep, including the physiological and psychological mechanisms involved, and how they affect our health and wellbeing. It examines the latest research on sleep and the critical role it plays in the body's restorative processes, memory consolidation, and emotional regulation. "Quantum Sleep Science" also covers a range of factors that can affect sleep quality, such as stress, anxiety, diet, and lifestyle choices. It offers practical advice on how to develop healthy sleep habits and improve sleep hygiene, including techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. The book provides a holistic approach to wellness, recognizing the importance of sleep as a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. With clear and concise explanations of complex concepts, "Quantum Sleep Science" is an engaging and accessible read for anyone interested in understanding the science of sleep and how to improve their sleep quality for a more fulfilling life.

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