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ISBN : 978-81-19084-38-8
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20496

Quantum Academic performance

The Ultimate Guide for Seeding Excellence in Teens

Subhash Gaikwad

e Book
Pages : 147
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 324.00

About author : Subhash Gaikwad is a person of ethics he is from very humble background his father Ashok Gaikwad and mother Parigha Gaikwad are farmer but their motivation and teachings made him successful entrepreneur. He invested lot of time and money on self-development in the intention to grow in life. He is the founder of Swayam Learning Point® it is the famous coaching institute to coach and transform teenagers and their family. He is the person who believes that each child should understand exactly HOW TO LEARN. Along with academic he has done significant and admirable work on student’s brain and mind. He is himself famous as Students learning friend, He is now became NLP master practioner to teach youth to shift their paradigm .He is on the mission to transform the mind and brain faculties of young generation which ultimately transform the whole human race. He lives in Nashik, India with his wife Pallavi and cutest children Spandan and Sparsh. In order to spread the real knowledge about Brain and utilization of its faculties he started training programs like Students NLP and Journey towards Excellence. He has thought for you Learn Science of human excellence and Manage the biggest asset YOU.

About book : A Manual for Success and Productivity, Master Your Life Acquire Time Management Skills to Reach Your Objectives Create Excellent Habits to Boost Your Academic Achievement Increase Your Attention and Memory while Unlocking Your Brain's Full Potential Overcome challenges, develop your self-image, and begin your path to excellence. Reading this book you will: • Discover the value of time management and efficient time management techniques for students. • Learn the secret to self-management and how it can aid in your goal-achieving. • Discover the advantages of efficient time management methods. • Learn the importance of setting objectives for success and how to overcome typical challenges. • Find out how to make objectives and how to accomplish them using science. • Learn how to improve educational productivity and form the habits of greatness. • Improve your brain's cognitive powers by paying attention and using your imagination, thinking, and memory. • Discover how to increase your self-confidence and develop focus. • Start your path to excellence today, and realise your greatest potential.

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