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ISBN : 978-93-93557-28-5
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Economy
ID : SB20196

India as an Emerging Global Power: Constraints and Prospects

National Research Book on Socio-Political Issues


e Book
Pages : 115
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 500.00

About author : It is an edited book of 12 research articles with 14 authors. Two of them are co-authors. All the authors are academicians from Universities, Colleges, and also research scholars. The name of the authors are listed below. Dr. Prosenjit Mohan, Dr. Rupa Das Borbora Dr. Subratra Sharmah Bhattacharya Dr. Rubab Fatema Nomani Dr. Minakshi Duarah Dipty Tamuly Porag Sharma Suklal Subba Mrs. Monalisha Tamuly Debasish Das Nava Kamal Borah Dr. Kakali Borah Biswajyoti Doley Monikankona Bodo

About book : The book entitled ‘India as an Emerging Global Power: Constraints and Prospects’ is a national book of research articles. It comprises the socio-political issues of India. Through this book, we have tried to identify the social malaise crippling the upswing movement of the society and also how to march ahead braving all hindrances. The contributors of this volume have taken up various topics for discussion ranging from religion to politics and have thrown sufficient light expatiating on every aspect and also their overall impact on society. Trying to explore new avenues in different branches of study, the book is nothing but a sincere attempt at opening up new horizons for those whose thrust for knowledge remains unquenched.

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