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ISBN : 978-93-6087-710-1
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Computer
ID : SB21133

Harnessing Jenkins for Building Real-World Automation Solutions

(From Code to Deployment)

Dr. Poornima G. Naik Dr. Girish R. Naik Mr. Rajendrakumar T. Thorat

e Book
Pages : 429
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 999.00

About author : Dr Poornima G. Naik bears twenty-five years of teaching and research experience in the field of Computer Science. She has been associated with teaching in thrust areas of computer science such as Big Data Analytics, Mobile Computing, Information System Security and Cryptography and her current research areas are Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Soft Computing and Big Data Analytics. She has guided three M Phil. Students. She has published more than 75 research papers in different national and international journals (11 research papers in Scopus indexed journals) and presented more than 44 papers in different international and national conferences. She has authored 53 books on various cutting edge technologies in information technology and 9 Book Chapters. She is a life member of International Institute of Organized Research (I2OR) (Membership No. – I2OR/2020/00245), member of many editorial boards and reviewer.

About book : The book serves as an essential guide for software developers, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals who seek to streamline and automate their CI/CD pipelines. The book provides in-depth knowledge on leveraging Jenkins, an industry-standard automation server, to enhance productivity, improve code quality, and accelerate deployment cycles. By covering practical aspects from setting up Jenkins to integrating it with various tools and deploying applications seamlessly, this book empowers readers to implement robust, scalable, and efficient automation solutions in real-world scenarios, making it a valuable resource for anyone aiming to optimize their development and deployment processes. It significantly boosts employment prospects for readers by equipping them with highly sought-after skills in the tech industry. Mastery of Jenkins and automation techniques is crucial for roles such as DevOps engineers, software developers, and system administrators. By demonstrating expertise in continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, readers can improve their efficiency and reliability in software delivery, making them attractive candidates for employers. The practical, hands-on knowledge gained from this book can help individuals stand out in job applications, interviews, and career advancement opportunities, ultimately enhancing their employability and professional growth.

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