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ISBN : 978-93-95125-36-9
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20324

Find your balance

That's when you fly

vinita shekhawat

e Book
Pages : 135
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 450.00

About author : Vinita Shekhawat is a lawyer, graduated from University of Rajasthan. She has more than 5 years of experience in the field of law. She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and a life coach. So far she has counselled many clients successfully. She has expertise in application of NLP techniques in the domain of mental wellness, relationship and self-development. She’s having her own courses on the above domain of life and conducts one to one sessions, webinars and workshops for the same.

About book : There are five lives we are living in one (relationships, health, work, wealth, inner life).the major issue most of people face now a days is an unbalance life, which brings lots of trauma and un resourceful state of mind. This book gonna help you to dig deeper in yourself and acknowledge where you exactly standing in each area of life, which area of life requires how much effort and time from you and why you should give it. This book gonna help you to set right prospective and approach towards each area of life and gonna unleash your potential. the ultimate goal of life is to find balance in life and this book is the key.

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