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ISBN : 978-93-90761-51-7
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Economy
ID : SB20160

Everyday Economics

Basic economic concepts which will change the way you see the world.

Manas Jain

e Book
Pages : 112
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 230.00

About author : "Writer and Activist" Manas Jain is a student of economics. He wishes to further study economics and plans to research about the effects of External Debt on Economies.

About book : In todays fast paced world a basic understanding of economic concepts is key to succeeding in life. Combining theory with real life dynamic examples it shows why economics is a integral part of our lives and how it comes into play even before the simplest of decisions. This book is for anyone who wishes to enhance his knowledge about the subject and dwells deeper into the subject matter of economics as one progresses. The book explains concepts like opportunity cost and inflation and how one experiences them everyday yet fails to fully comprehend them due to the lack of economic literacy.

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