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ISBN : 978-93-90290-32-1
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Economy
ID : SB20024

Covid 19 and Indian Economy


Dr. Harshit Dwivedi and Dr. Ganesh Singh Rathore

e Book
Pages : 97
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 299.00

About author : Dr. Harshit Dwivedi (Birth- Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, 1984) is Head, Department of Economics, Government College Saikheda, Narshinghpur (M.P.). He did his M.A. (Economics) in 2008 and M.Phil. in the 2009. He passed MBA in Finance in 2012 and his specialization is in Econometrics Economics and Industrial Economics. He has been also awarded Ph.D. in Economics in 2016. Dr. Dwivedi Contributing for the development of Higher Education from Last 11 Years. He Completed One Minor Research Project funded by UGC, Bhopal and he has got fellowship in Ph-D funded by ICSSR, New Delhi. He has got two awards for all India Conference of IEA. He has published more than 45 Research Papers in various national & international conferences or journals and He has published 14 books. He has Conducted One National Webinar and One International Webinar. He has guided many students in projects at graduate level. He is Life member of many societies, i.e., IEA, ICA, MPEA, JMA, SAMA and IAA.

About book : Indian economy is witnessing an unprecedented situation due to outbreak of deadly pandemic COVID-19 which has affected almost every socio-economic sectors of the country. Indisputably, it will have a huge adverse impact on Indian economy, revival and healing of the same would require, more or less, two to three years restoring normalcy in various sectors. The main task before the government and policy formulation agencies is to convert challenges arising due to pandemic into opportunities for Post-COVID era. The government announced a number of measures to fight with the emerging situations which includes food and health security, reforms in banking and other financial institutions, infusing financial incentives for different sectors of the economy. Due to various phases of lockdowns, almost every sector of the economy is badly affected but a few sectors like Food retailing, FMCG, Pharmaceutical etc. are all put to make out considerable growth in the Post-COVID period. This paper reveals the forthcoming impact of the emerging situations on various sectors of the economy and suggests a set of policy recommendations to convert challenges into opportunities for the Indian economy. This Book helps how to diagnose all kinds of problems occurring during the period of Lockdown and also what is going on inside the Indian Economy. This book will also be suitable for researchers and policy makers.

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