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ISBN : 978-81-19908-30-1
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Mathematics and Science
ID : SB20806

Common Medicinal Plants of our surroundings


Dr. Debabrata Das & Dr. Pampi Ghosh

e Book
Pages : 246
Language : English
HARDCASE Price : 2500.00

About author : About the Authors & Editors: Dr. Debabrata Das Debabrata Das (b.1969), Ph.D. in Botany (Ecology) is presently working as Associate Professor and Head, Department of Botany, Government General Degree College, Lalgarh, Jhargram, W.B. He is presently working in the field of eco-restoration. He has authored of more than 142 scientific research papers and 4 books including 11 edited books. Primary aim of his work is to identify ecological problems and to solve these through proper interventions following scientific guidelines. He is trying to work on knowledge dissemination and biodiversity conservation programs. Dr. Pampi Ghosh Dr. Pampi Ghosh (b.1974) is an Assistant Professor of Botany, Seva Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Kapgari, Jhargarm, W.B. She is a co-authored for a text book in Botany and authored for many chapters in different books including ‘Soil Plants and Microbial Interaction’ book. She also acted as editors in many books. Her special interest goes on Organic farming and Mycorrhizal research. She is working in the field of Taxonomy, Mycorrhizae, Ethnobotany, Biofertilizers and Green biomass production through waste management.

About book : Medicinal plants are those plants whose activity imposed on different ailments. The plants of Medicinal importance are used since time immemorial. People of the globe use medicinal plants for various purposes. Medicinal plants act on different diseases, even in a raw form used for various purposes. The poultice, juice or latex are used widely by a large number of people to cure pain, as anti-bleeding agent and coagulant during instant exposure may be the time of temporal treatment. The knowledge and extension activity on medicinal plants depend upon the geographical position and climatic condition also. Therefore, local knowledge on medicinal plants and their conservation is essential. In this book authors have made their articles based on the knowledge gathered from the surroundings. Hope that everybody would be benefitted from this treatise.

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