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ISBN : 978-93-90761-94-4
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20181

Anxiety Elimination Blueprint

Anxiety to Excitement

Mohinder Lal Kalra

e Book
Pages : 63
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 99.00

About author : Author is certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner & Coach. He is certified by his Mentor Yogendra Singh Rathore (YSR). He has 33 years of corporate work experience. He is conducting online webinars and training programs on Mastery of NLP Techniques and provides one on one counselling sessions on specific issues. His Popular Program is "Anxiety Elimination Blue Print- Anxiety to Excitement” on wellness and health. He is driven by purpose and mission to help people replace anxiety with excitement and passion and help people lead a life full of happiness, inner peace and fulfillment.

About book : We all know how much stress and anxiety people have in today’s world and most people do not know how to handle it in day to day’s life. This book is intended to not only give you an exact insight into the reasons and after effects of stress, anxiety, worry, negative thinking, but also give you step by step method and techniques to eliminate them. Elimination here does not mean deleting something and having nothing (empty space there), it means to bring excitement, happiness, serenity, calmness and peace there. The motive of writing this book is to equip you with simple technique to reframe your mind and cultivate the habit and tendency to sow seeds of desired state such as excitement, wellness and happiness. The book will help you drive your mind in a way as you drive your vehicle on all kind of roads. Once you master the techniques with practice, it will make your living effortless and blissful. The book makes you focus on yourself to bring change in you and would definitely help you in coming out of blaming frame of mind and guide install patterns of good health and wellness. Ultimately, it would help you improve all spheres of life.

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