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ISBN : 978-93-93557-98-8
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Self-Help
ID : SB20230

10X Growth Mindset

Learn the science and art of creating massive growth momentum in business and in life

Ashvin Verma

e Book
Pages : 229
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 499.00

About author : Ashvin Verma is a Mindset Trainer, Business Coach & Personal transformation coach, He is the co-founder Healing360, a Health, Fitness and Mindset training platform. He is conducting various training around Mindset and Mental Health. He has 13+ years of overall professional experience and has long association with IEC Teams, Swachh Bharat Mission, running awareness campaigns across India, on Health and Sanitation. He is passionate about teaching mindset and on a mission to transform 1,00,000 business owners create transformational growth and success. Join his tribe to start your journey to personal transformation and become your best self, and explode your way to create massive growth in your business and life.

About book : It says "Your mindset is your greatest asset". As I grew up I was intrigued by the fact that how some people are so successful in their life and others despite their aspirations and painstaking efforts, lived a very mediocre life and achieve very average results. My conditioning and surrounding environment ingrained this mantra into me, "To reap great results required lots of hard work." However, like most people, despite putting my blood and sweat, I struggled to create the outcome I set out for myself . This curiosity led me to on a journey to research how someone successful became that way. I have attended more than 2 dozen training programs, learned through many self-help books, researched different aspects of thought process and mindset that are critical to creating success in life. In my journey to understand and Crack this code of success, I learned what, why, and how's of growth & success. I understood that the most critical components which decide your overall results in life, is your attitude, environment, habits, skills, and most importantly your mindset. The most satisfying piece of my research is to get to the understanding that no matter what, all the factors that determine success fall under the learnable category, and anybody can create success and growth in their life, by constantly working on each of these aspects and developing themselves one step at a time. As I started applying the principles and the practices I learned in my pursuit to crack the success code, I am able to push beyond my comfort zone and able to keep consistency in my efforts, much easier than ever before. My results started transforming, not only in my business, but also in my personal life, my health and my relationships, as well. My intention is to share and help everyone who has the hunger to make it big in life, ready to put in the hard work, but have not yet been able to develop clarity on critical questions like what, where, w

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