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ISBN : 978-93-90290-12-3
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Story
ID : SB20003


Altered paths to same experiences…


e Book
Pages : 69
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 180.00

About author : Bharath Marlecha.R was born at Chennai, Tamil Nadu in the year 1997 and is a dental junior resident. He has faced many hardships in his childhood and uses that as a reflection to bring out the most valuable moral one has to learn from their day to day situations. He has developed the art of writing from his late great grandfather (Sri.Nemichand Marlecha) who was also said to be a prolific writer. Nikita N Hemannavar was born at Nargud, Karnataka in the year 1997 and is a commerce graduate and a freelancer by profession. She believes that 'age' is not a number that defines a person but rather the teachings that are learnt makes an experienced living being. She is the co-author of this book and has shared her stories as well.

About book : Each time you enjoy watching a film or T.V. adaptation of a famous literary work, you may wish to experience the same, Isn't? This book will make you realize that life is a continuous process of learning and each person, each story, each day will definitely give you a moral, only if you take situations in a more realistic and positive way. The stories in this book are based on true incidents which might be simple yet the depth of moral left is too huge to realize. The book is written in the most simple vocabulary and is meant for all age groups. Each moral is delivered in the form of a short story to be taken by the readers.

Customer Reviews

Anagha I : Beautiful stories by both authors. Just shows how small decisions can lead to lifetime memories and happiness 17 October 2021


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