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ISBN : 978-81-19908-49-3
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Mathematics and Science
ID : SB20777


I'm the math whiz who makes numbers your new BFF for class 6 to 8.

Shashi Bhushan Srivastava

e Book
Pages : 66
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 199.00

About author : Shashi Bhushan Srivastava is an accomplished mathematics teacher with over a decade of experience at a government school in Uttar Pradesh. He holds a postgraduate degree in mathematics and a B.Ed. He also cleared the Super TET examination on his first attempt in 2018. In 2003, he was honored as the Best Mathematics Teacher by the ICSE board, and in 2023, he received the "Best Teacher Basic Shiksha Parisada" award. Shashi's book is a comprehensive resource for students in grades 6 to 8, offering a compilation of essential mathematical formulas for their benefit. He extends his gratitude to all his students and wishes them success in their academic pursuits.

About book : **Title: "MathsGeek: I'm the math whiz who makes numbers your new BFF for class 6 to 8!"** "MathsGeek" is a vital educational resource designed for students in classes 6 to 8. Mathematics forms the cornerstone of academic learning, and our book is tailored to provide students with a clear and concise reference for fundamental mathematical concepts. In an effort to simplify complex math, our book compiles essential formulas with comprehensive explanations and visual aids that help students understand and apply these formulas effectively. The book's structure is organized by mathematical topics, offering chapters dedicated to algebra, geometry, arithmetic, and more. Drawing from a diverse range of sources, including the internet and textbooks, we have carefully curated and simplified these formulas. By using "MathsGeek," students can improve their mathematical performance, grades, and confidence. This book is not only a valuable tool for students but also a resource for teachers to assist in the effective delivery of mathematical concepts in the classroom. It aims to simplify math, encourage exploration, and inspire a deeper appreciation for the subject. "MathsGeek" endeavors to make mathematics accessible and enjoyable for students. With a range of formulas, examples, and practical applications, it is poised to empower young learners in their mathematical journey.

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