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ISBN : 978-93-90761-15-9
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Mathematics and Science
ID : SB20100

MATH STORM Olympiad Problems


Daniel Sitaru, Rajeev Rastogi

e Book
Pages : 338
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 450.00

About author : First Author: Daniel Sitaru born on 9August 1963 in Craiova, Romania, is a teacher at National Economic college “Theodor Costescu” in Drobeta Turnu - Severin- Romania. He published over 50 Mathematical books, last seven of these”Math Phenomenon “, “Algebraic Phenomenon”, “ Analytical Phenomenon” , “The Olympic Mathematical Marathon”, “699 Olympic Mathematical Challenges”, “Olympic Mathematical Energy”, “Calculus Marathon” were very appreciated world wide. He is the founding editor of “Romanian Mathematical Magazine”, an Interactive Mathematical Journal with 5,000,000 visitors in the last five years( Many problems from his books were published in famous journals such as”American Mathematical Monthly”, “Crux Mathematicorum”, “Math Problems Journal”, “The Pentagon Journal”, “La Gaceta de la RSME”, “SSMA Magazine”. He also published an impressive number of original Problems in all mathematical journals from Romania (GMB, Cardinal, Elipsa, Argument, Recreatii Matematice). His articles from “Crux Mathematicorum” - Canada and “The Pentagon Journal”- USA were also very appreciated. Second Author: Rajeev Rastogi is a renowned mentor in India to guide students for Mathematical Olympiads(Pre RMO, RMO, INMO) & IIT-JEE, KVPY, ISI.He is rendering his services to boost students for above competitions from last 21 years in top institutes of Kota-India. He has participated in the success story of numerous competitive students who have taken part in both National and International competitions. He has proposed many problems in popular magazine RMM( Romanian Mathematical Magazine). He has completely devoted himself to uplift the Mathematical talents in the society.

About book : This is a book on Olympiad Mathematics with detailed and elegant solution of each problem. This book will be helpful for all the students preparing for RMO, INMO, IMO, ISI and other National & International Mathematics competitions.The beauty of this book is it contains “Original Problems” framed by authors Daniel Sitaru( Editor-In-Chief of Romanian Mathematical Magazine) & Rajeev Rastogi (Senior Maths Faculty for IIT-JEE and Olympiad in Kota, Rajasthan)

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