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ISBN : 978-93-90290-44-4
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Novel
ID : SB20026

Main.... Pradhanacharya


Ruchi Kapoor

e Book
Pages : 175
Language : Hindi
PAPERBACK Price : 280.00

About author : I am a writer and a teacher cum Librarian. I love books. I strongly feel books shape our society. I like to write inspirational and educational stories for students so that they become self-dependent in the hour of need.

About book : A book on the lives of true selfless citizens. A clear picture of development of education in rural schools of India. A story of a family who works for the welfare of tribals and upliftment of education in a village. Every common man is a reformer in some way. The characters in this story Reet, Sandhya and Nupur are ordinary like you and me but inside them is a feeling of humanity for the people around them.

Customer Reviews

Ruchi Kapoor : An ideal book to read to understand the true lives of teachers. 20 August 2021


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