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ISBN : 978-93-90290-75-8
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Novel
ID : SB20066


लढा अस्तित्वाचा

तुषार रमाकांत कांबळे

e Book
Pages : 183
Language : Marathi
HARDCASE Price : 370.00

About author : Hello Readers, Although I was born in Mumbai, my childhood was spent in the village of Mhasve_Vadache, in Jawali taluka of Satara district. He had a passion for literature and reading since childhood. At the same time, I was very interested in sticking to your soil and it is still the same. It was my village that gave me the passion to study our surroundings, the language, the deep words in the language and the culture that has been going on for generations. The reason for this is that we have been closely watching the various factors that take place in the village, the events that affect the living standards of the people in the village. As a result, all these ideological storms arose and I became ideological. Imagination began to take over the world of thought. And out of this imaginary power, Khandanayak came into existence as part of this story. This imaginary journey will continue like this from now on. No matter how big the idea, it has to be based on existence!

About book : Khandanayak is a compliant story based on the lives of three friends. In his present life, some adventurous, historical and frightening events suddenly take place. While exploring all these things, they point out that the events that are happening to us are related to their past, one and a half thousand years ago. And before he can change the past, a big power is coming to them and asking them for help for themselves. What happens in this story, when the three friends realize that the great power is none other than the three themselves? Can they change their past by staying in the present? What effect can a changed past have on their present and future? This Khandanayak is extended in this story.

Customer Reviews

Jitendra : Very nice . 12 December 2020


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