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ISBN : 978-81-949957-5-3
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Social
ID : SB19951



Acharya Dr. Ajay Anand

e Book
Pages : 357
Language : Hindi
PAPERBACK Price : 400.00

About author : ACHARYA DR. AJAY ANAND ,Gold Medalist Author, Astrologer, Dharma Scholar & Adhyatmik Healer Award &Titles Jyotish Shiromani Award Jyotish Ratna Bhushan Award Global Astro Star Award Jyotish Mahasagar Award Jyotish Maharishi Award Samudrik Ratna Award Maharishi Prashar Award Jyotish Gaurav Award Parashar Rishi Award Jyotish Surya Scientific Astro Vastu Expert & Healer Award Advance Remedial Expert Award Membership’s Life Member – 1. All India Navyug Astroloers Federation, New Delhi - 2. World Astro-Federation, Nepal 3. South Asian Astro Federation, Nepal About the Author : Acharya Dr Ajay Anand is a Palmist,Vedic astrologer who has done research activities in Palmistry,Astrology, literature, Medical Palmistry practice. Acharya Dr Ajay Anand is also a Member of All India Navyug Astroloers Federation, New Delhi, World Astro-Federation, Nepal & South Asian Astro Federation, Nepal. His famous works include Introduction to Palmistry.

About book : These days, incidents like murder, theft, robbery, rape, suicide have started happening all over the country. The common man is scared of these incidents of crime. The situation is that as soon as the eyes are opened in the morning, there are incidents like murder, rape, suicide in front of the person. Even when a person sleeps at night, the news related to crime flashes a different image of society in his mind. After all, why are these crimes happening and what is the solution to get rid of them? How to stop the crime of this society. This book shows the solution to all those crimes.

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