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ISBN : 978-81-19908-76-9
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB20754

Food Nutrition and Community Health


1. Dr. Vikas Singh 2. Dr. Gyanendra kumar

e Book
Pages : 192
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Author-1 Dr. Vikas Singh is serving as Head Department of Chemistry at National P. G. College, Lucknow. His research area is Synthetic Organometallic Chemistry and study of Supramolecular associations through X-ray Crystallography. He has experience of working in different UGC, DST and DRDO sponsored research projects. Dr Vikas has conducted different National Seminars and was resource person in different Seminar, Workshop in various Colleges other than their field. He has published several research papers in Web of Science, Scopus, UGC care listed Journals. He has authored books, book chapters and contributed as book editor. Author-2 Dr. Gyanendra Kumar is serving as Head of Zoology Department at National P.G. College, Lucknow (India). His subject areas of interest are Zoological and Entomological Sciences. He has published several international research papers of high repute. He has authored books, book chapters and contributed as book editor. He is member of several academic bodies and Board of Referee. He has contributed as subject expert in several organizations and selection committee. He was awarded with ‘Best Educator Award’, ‘Vigyan Ratna Puraskar’ and ‘Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Global Educator Award’ for excellence in teaching, research and academics.

About book : The book entitled “Food Nutrition and Community Health” has been written as a text cum reference book for all undergraduate students from different streams and it also inculcate the sufficient content for the students preparing for various competitive exams along with objective questions. This book is designed according to latest syllabus provided by UGC under NEP-2020. The content of book focuses on holistic health of the community. Authors emphasized the role of different nutrients, their requirement in achieving good health and hygiene. The book also includes the requirements and precautions for mother and her infant baby.

Customer Reviews

Rashi Khare : For someone who is starting from scratch this book is very helpful in understanding basic as well as advance level of concepts. Easy to the point language is very effective and helpful. Highly recommended 14 November 2023

620 906 Aryan Gupta : Great Book.One need to read it to get a different perspective to Live a healthy life.It's a genuine one and on best price. 14 November 2023

Shubhu Chakravarti : Very relevant content. Also the presentation is reader friendly. 14 November 2023

Bhargavi Pandey : This book is need of today . A must recommendation for everyone . Highly relatable and the language used by the author is easily graspable . 03 December 2023

Nishant Singh Bhadauriya : Book is very useful. Standard of description is very effective and topic related to health and balance diets are covered in very easy manner. 03 December 2023

Anushka Pandey : This is wonderful book for study about basic of health and healthy life 03 December 2023

Vaishnavi Pandey : Very informative and helpful book on nutrition and health. Easy language and elaborate content. Highly recommended 03 December 2023

Harshit Mohan Pandey : This is very amazing book for food nutrition and community health and this is clear the all topics which is related to health and useful for many examination like medical ,teaching etc 03 December 2023

Anshika Mishra : A must read for those who want to know about Nutrition . Also the overall perspective of community health described by the authors is very intriguing. Highly recommended . 03 December 2023

Radha Upadhyay : As a science student this book is informative and based on the standpoint of living a healthy life. It really helped me a lot. 03 December 2023

Khushi Yadav : Very amazing book for those who want to know the basics of nutrition and community health.written in very easy the author..check this out. 03 December 2023

Bhawana : It is must read book for food and nutrition. It is amazing for health point of veiw. Every topics are clear . highly recommend and worth reading 03 December 2023

Ayush Singh : An interesting read to get well aquainted with basic to advance food nutrition, the authors have used day to day examples to explain the concepts which makes it even easier to comprehend. Furthermore, the other part (community health) is well described too, totally worth it. 03 December 2023

Aditi Sharma : The book is beautifully laid out and explains everything clearly. Recommended for everyone with an interest in nutrition. Must buy at such a reasonable price. 03 December 2023

855- Iqra Sameer : As a reviewer This book is really good for those who want to know the concept of nutrition and their balancing in their life in a easy language... Highly recommended 03 December 2023

Jyoti Pandey : The writing voice of this book is very engaging and approachable. The authors, through this book have provided a great deal of knowledge, very concisely and thoroughly. All the examples and information are very up to date.Helpful from college as well as competitive exams point of view. 03 December 2023

Gurneet Kaur : An amazing book with comprehensive information on nutrition and community health. The authors have dealt with the topic in a precise manner. A must read for everyone. Check it out. 03 December 2023

Sanjana Yadav : Great book for health and nutrition in a good budget as well . Highly recommended, do try. 03 December 2023

Ankita __22Yadav : Highly recommeded book for healthy lifestyle. 03 December 2023

Shrishti Gupta : An amazing book with lot of detailing and is covering every single.concept and explaining it in a very easy way.Must buy 06 December 2023

621 812 Mahima Verma : This book is really helpful for awareness and you must read this book , it's beneficial for everyone, don't judge a book by it's cover firstly read it ,I'm sure it will be fuitful for you .I'm thankful being a student of these respected teachers 17 December 2023

Nikita Pandey : Totally This science book was an absolute game changer. It had me hooked from the first page I learned so much about food and nutrition and how everything fits together. It's a must read for any science enthusiast . 17 December 2023


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