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ISBN : 978-81-945291-2-5
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Novel
ID : SB19962

Fight for Survival


Venuturuapalli Vijayendra Murthy

e Book
Pages : 204
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Venuturupalli Vijayendra Sita Rama Murthy works as a senior technical associate in Tech Mahindra at Hyderabad. Murthy is very much passionate about writing and voicing out his opinion on social media on various issues like sports, movies, and politics. Murthy is a computer graduate and done his MTech in computer science in Hyderabad. Murthy completed all his education at Khammam , right from his schooling to Btech Graduation. After working in academics for some point of time he decided to call it a day and got settled in the corporate sector. Whilst working for amazon and Genpact he developed this story by name Fight for survival. Murthy wants to dedicate this book to his father who recently passed away

About book : Fight for survival is career success love failure story. The whole purpose of the story is to tell hard work never fails. At the same time, one needs to be aware of their responsibilities. No one keeps on reminding them. Vijay an average student and a happy go lucky guy becomes an MD for software firm because of his sheer hard work and determination. He was motivated by Sindhu who make him realize his mistakes and motivates him towards achieving his goal. At the same time, one needs to have self-motivation no one can keep on motivating others. Also, life has to continue no matter who's present or not. Here Vijay after losing his father and love Sindhu, still he doesn't give up and reaches great heights in his career. After knowing how much sowjanya struggled in her life to be a project manager he decides to marry her, wherein he comes out of Sindhu leaving him alone The main purpose of story is hard work never fails, one needs to have trust on their abilities and work towards in achieving their goals and last but not the least one has to move on in their life irrespective of success and failure

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