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ISBN : 978-93-6087-133-8
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Social
ID : SB20923

Critical Posthumanities


Gaurab Sengupta and Rajashree Boruah

e Book
Pages : 209
Language : English
HARDCASE Price : 1500.00

About author : Gaurab Sengupta: Gaurab Sengupta is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Duliajan College. He has completed his Masters in English Literature from the Department of English, Tezpur University in the year 2018. He has carried out his M.Phil Research work in the topic ‘Reading Abnormal Psychology in Contemporary Fiction’ from the Department of English, Dibrugarh University. He has presented papers in various National and International Conferences and has also published articles in Peer Reviewed and UGC CARE listed journals. His areas of interest are History of British Literature, Literature of the Renaissance Period, Modern and Contemporary/Postmodern fiction, Literary Theory, Medical and Health Humanities. An ardent Murakami fan, Mr. Sengupta is presently carrying out his Ph.D from the Department of English, Dibrugarh University, with his research focusing upon phenomenology and the writings of Haruki Murakami. Besides academics, Mr. Sengupta finds solace in music and exploring new places. His E-Mail ID is and Instagram handle is @mr.sengupto. Rajashree Boruah: Rajashree Boruah is working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Duliajan College since 2022. She completed her post-graduation from Tezpur University in the year 2021. She has done her specialization in American Literature. Ms Boruah has a number of research papers published in various peer reviewed and UGC Care-listed journals and a collection of papers presented in international and national seminars. She has an avid interest for research and has recently joined Dibrugarh University for Ph.D in English. Her areas of interest include posthumanism, gender, north-east writings, translation studies and creative writings. Her E-Mail ID is .

About book : Critical Posthumanities, as a field, challenges us to deconstruct traditional paradigms, to question the very foundations upon which our understanding of humanity is built. The chapters within this book serve as beacons, illuminating the complex intersections of technology, society, ethics and identity. Section I of the Book ‘Beyond Boundaries: Navigating Critical Posthumanism’ is dedicated to the understanding of the theory of ‘Posthumanism’ and aims to provide a theoretical exploration of various discourses in relation to Posthumanism. Section II of the Book ‘Reimagining Humanity: Posthuman Narratives in Literature’ particularly, embarks on a journey into the realm of classic fiction, speculative fiction, dystopian narratives and visionary prose that grapple with the implications of posthumanism and posthuman future. Section III of the Book ‘Visions Unveiled: Posthumanism in Visual Narratives’ is an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between posthumanism and visual narratives that offers the readers to traverse into the world of films, anime and graphic novels. The final Section of the Book ‘Horizons of Tomorrow: Charting Posthuman Futures’ explores the myriad ways in which posthumanism shapes and informs the future, beckoning one to gaze into the abyss of the unknown and imagine the possibilities that await.

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