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ISBN : 978-81-19517-37-4
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Story
ID : SB20673


From innocence to malevolence:The Tragic Transformation of a pure soul

Dr. Priyanka choudhary

e Book
Pages : 42
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 300.00

About author : Dr. Priyanka choudhary is the author of this book, she is passionate about her work n also about her hobbies, like story writing n poetry writing, she is a wonderful golden heart girl, also have a different perspective toward this world.This is her second book.. Her first book is "The unbreakable songbird:A journey from innocence.

About book : This book is about innocence, dreams, death, and the unnoticed shadow of a girl. In this story, there is no intention to hurt any aspect of society; rather, it attempts to shed light on the conditions of girls in the olden times. It also makes an effort to portray karma more prominently. This story is fictional, but some aspects are inspired by real-life experiences. Thank you, and hopefully, you'll like it.

Customer Reviews

kartikey shankdhar : Awesome book heart touching story 29 August 2023


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