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ISBN : 978-81-19281-65-7
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Story
ID : SB20607

A journey to the past

Adventures of Krishna

Yug Goyal

e Book
Pages : 30
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 100.00

About author : Yug Goyal, 11 years old is a voracious reader and a skilled writer. He is a big fan of fictional novels. Two years ago, he decided to pen down his imagination into the form of a story which resulted into his first book "A journey to the past - Adventures of Krishna". He had the idea about the beginning of the story and then he let the characters decide their own journey till the end.

About book : This story is about two courageous friends, Krishna and Ayush, who one day, get a message from the king Chitravarna who used to rule 5000 years ago. Their fate takes them to an unexpected journey to the past. Their valiant act changes the course of past by reviving Chitravarna so that he can defeat and stop Arkhandu, his brother from conquering the world. This story is full of magic, fun and adventure.

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