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ISBN : 978-93-90290-23-9
Category : Fiction
Catalogue : Story
ID : SB20009

A Beautiful Catastrophe

A story about how hope and determination can over come destiny.

Rutvi Vaja

e Book
Pages : 104
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 200.00

About author : Rutvi Vaja is a student who writes because writing is her hobby. Writing makes her happy and she explores herself as she writes. Her interests are multifarious and diverse as her creative mind. She also specializes in pencil portraits and fashion sketches. She admires basketball and handball and also has a good grip over it after playing inter-states for school several times. She is good dancer to and counts that as her hobby. She loves art, reading, travelling, photography, nature, trekking basketball and most of all to goon trips with her family and cousins.

About book : This book is on how one encounters various situations and circumstances every single day. Some good, some not so good but as long as we find peace in that chaos it is okay because life is after all a peaceful chaos. This book is to inspire others who want to quit in life. Our life is like a roller coaster with it's own ups and downs. On some days all we want to do is just to lie in bed and sleep and not to face the world outside. On other day we all want to go on unplanned adventures and fearless ventures. But what makes a stark difference is how we react to these situations and make peace with ourselves. To all those passionate, struggling and creative minds out there -do not stop. Do not give up. Because a beautiful life which is way ahead then you is awaiting you. God is with you. Believe.

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