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ISBN : 978-93-93557-25-4
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB20242

Vaishik Ushman va jalvayu Parivartan


Dr. Santosh Kumar

e Book
Pages : 200
Language : Hindi
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Dr. Santosh Kumar was born in Madhura Simanpur village of Bhagalpur district of Bihar state. He has done project report on "Socio-Economic Development of Sarkanda" during Post Graduation study from Banaras Hindu University and has done research work on the topic of "Groundwater Resource Management in Mau district: A Geographical Study" from Department of Geography, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi in 2014. After research, his teaching work started at Indira Gandhi National Tribal University Amarkantak M.P. in 2015. After one year teaching, he Joined to Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi. During this period he also provided coaching classes for civil services, UGC-NET and TGT-PGT classes. Many students have achieved their goal in his direction. Currently he is teaching as an Assistant Professor in L.B.S.M. College, Jamashedpur, of Kolhan University. Apart from teaching, more than one dozen research papers and articles have been published in National and International research magazines. He has worked on 'Geo-tectonics and Geomorphology', 'Groundwater Resource and Its Management; A Geographical Study', 'Atmosphere : An Introduction', 'Landslide Disaster and Management', and 'Contemporary Issues in Geography', ‘Bhugol: Vishwa aur Bharat’ and have been published. The book ‘Global Warming & Climate Change’ is a recent work in the reference of present contemporary issues in geography and other subjects.

About book : The book 'GLOBAL WARMING & CLIMATE CHANGE' emphasis the major cause and process of global level warming. It explains how atmospheric chemical properties reacts with terrestrial rediation; creats reradiation and increases the global warming and also emphasis a broad classification of the atmospheric gases on the basis of their Thermo-Physical Properties (known as GHGs); Radiation Absorbing Capacity; Electromagnetic Properties (known as Ionized gases); Photo-chemical Properties (Photolysis and Photo-oxidation); Photo-synthesis Properties; Optical Properties (Reflection, Refraction, etc.) & Condansasion; Average Lifetime; Structure of Molecules mainly Linear molecules, Symmetric top molecules, Spherical symmetric top molecules and Asymmetric top molecules. The book elaborates a new view of atmospheric Heat Budget in reference to nature of atnospheric gases and their lifetime; Radiative Forcing and Global Warming Potential (GWPs). The book also provides a broad explainaton of causes of Ozone depletion createted global warming. Climatic Changes are elaborated in different forms of earth systems with their causes and effects on Biosphere. This book also provides a concise explanation of El Nino and La Nina. The Book Explains all aspects of global warming and climate change.

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