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ISBN : 978-81-19517-73-2
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Medical And Nursing
ID : SB20720

“Urolithiasis (Kidney Stone) Treatment”

A Comprehensive Herbs-based Research Study


e Book
Pages : 118
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 350.00

About author : Dr. Prem Prakash Singh is an esteemed expert in plant phytochemistry, specializing in the extraction, isolation, and development of herbal-based formulations from indigenous plant materials. His primary research focus centers on the use of herbal medications for the treatment of various ailments, including cardiovascular diseases, wound healing, kidney stones (lithiasis), diabetes, peptic ulcers, and fungal infections. With over 17 years of experience in teaching and research, Dr. Prem has played a pivotal role in academia. He has mentored and supervised more than 10 post-graduate research scholars and is currently guiding two Ph.D. candidates. His dedication to high-quality research is evident through his extensive publication record, comprising over twenty research and review articles published in prestigious national and international journals with high impact factors. In addition to his research endeavours, Dr. Prem actively contributes to the academic and administrative aspects of Bundelkhand University. He serves as the Coordinator of the Anti-ragging Committee, a member of the Proctorial Board, the Security Board, and the Alumni Cell. Moreover, he co-coordinates the NAAC committee for the academic year 2022-23 and is a valued member of the smooth conductance of the Incubation Center at Bundelkhand University, Jhansi. Dr. Man Singh is a distinguished authority in the field Pharmacology, His primary research area focuses on harnessing the therapeutic potential of herbal medicines to address a wide spectrum of health conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, wound healing, kidney stones (lithiasis), diabetes, peptic ulcers, and fungal infections etc. With a remarkable tenure of over 17 years in both teaching and research, Dr. Man Singh has made significant contributions to the academic realm. His unwavering commitment to conducting high-caliber research is underscored by his impressive publication track record, encompassing more than 10 research and revi

About book : Lithiasis, also known as the formation of kidney stones, is a widespread urological disorder that affects millions of individuals globally. Kidney stones form when minerals accumulate in the kidneys or urinary tract and cannot be dissolved by urine. Various factors, including environmental, genetic, and dietary influences, can contribute to the growth and development of kidney stones. The clinical presentation of lithiasis varies from being asymptomatic to experiencing acute renal colic. Diagnosis typically involves using imaging studies and laboratory investigations to identify the stones' types and underlying causes. There are various management strategies available for kidney stones, ranging from conservative measures to more invasive interventions. This work aims to provide a comprehensive overview of lithiasis, covering its etiology, diagnosis, and management, with a focus on recent advances in research and clinical practice. Additionally, it explores the potential impact of lithiasis on patient outcomes and healthcare costs. A better understanding of lithiasis's pathophysiology and advancements in diagnostic and therapeutic approaches have the potential to significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden associated with kidney stone disease.

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