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ISBN : 978-93-90290-54-3
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB20051

The Art Of Parenting

A Mindful & Scientific Approach

Debolina Dhamali Chakraborty

e Book
Pages : 106
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 160.00

About author : Debolina is an entrepreneur. She is a founder of a Montessori school and has 10 years of working experience in different fields. She is an educator & writer. Academically She did MSC, MA (Psychology) MBA but she is more passionate about learning, education, and children. She is certified in ‘Mental wellbeing in children, Child behavior, clinical child, and adolescent psychology. As early child development needs to be a priority issue it is important for us to know the reason behind it. If we miss these early years it can be difficult for us to manage later. This book talks about parenting and challenges. It speaks about a child’s healthy brain development, emotional and intellectual development, individual behavior, and developmental pattern. She has discussed conscious parenting which she has experienced as a mother as well while communicating with lots of mothers. It’s about conscious parenthood that will ultimately contribute to control the future of humanity.

About book : Raising a child is wonderful as well as very challenging. Once they born we are very happy and slowly we start seeing dreams about their future. By the time we really understand what is happening they grow and then it becomes more exhausting for us. We start doubting ourselves, our potential to raise the child. We start comparing other parents and children whether they are good or we are on the correct path and doing a fair job. Slowly this becomes a habit and we start feeling exhausted with this. And all these doubts, irritations occur, as we do not have any benchmark or manual for the right parenting. 1. We will be learning about some areas where we struggle with our children. How to deal with it, how to cope up and give an excellent environment to our children to grow more and more for betterment. 2. We will learn how to see the world from a child’s eye. 3. What kind of trouble we may face and to understand the psychology behind the behaviors. Once we understand this we can easily solve it. Parenting it’s not there from birth. It has to be learnt. It is a skill that needs to be learnt. It is difficult but not impossible. But once we know the tricks we can easily do it by balancing the rest of the things in our lives. Parents are the path provider and the mentor to tell children about the right path. Parenthood is all about behaving ourselves, changing our habits, doing good to ourselves, and being happy from inside. Research says that love is the component that actually develops the brain of a child much faster. These children who get a positive, happy environment shows ultimate success in life. They will be knowing handling failures. They will be ready to face any situation with conviction.

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