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ISBN : 978-93-90761-59-3
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Medical And Nursing
ID : SB20161

Text book of pharmacology

For medical and allied medical students


e Book
Pages : 438
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 800.00

About author : Prof.Dr.S.SAMBATH KUMAR is a well known professor in pharmaceutical sciences. He has a teaching and research experiences of 23 years.He has worked as a professor in Shri Ramnath Singh, mahavidyalaya,gwalior and Jaipur college of pharmacy, Jaipur. He has to his credit many research publications. Also he has written nine books in pharmacy subjects.Now this book on hand is the outcome of his meticulous and inspired work.Its quality well speak by itself.

About book : The name of the book itself tells that this book explains only the drugs are in current use.Decade old drugs, which are not in current use,unimportant drugs for undergraduate and miscellaneous drugs are removed from the classification. Pharmacokinetic property of each and every drug is not given. Only the clinically important pharmacokinetic properties of the drugs are explained.

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