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ISBN : 978-93-95125-16-1
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Life Style
ID : SB20292

Surrendering me for us

15 years of my marriage with a Narcissist

Ila Jain

e Book
Pages : 80
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 299.00

About author : My name is Ila jain, people also know me as Wonder life coach . I am the creator of the programs – Accelerated success formula for students, and Ultimate Relationship success blueprint. I am helping students , to remove their mind blockages and achieve desired results and goals in their life. I also work with people and couples who are not happy with their relationships, or facing relationship problems. I help them to achieve their desired state in relationships. I am a certified life coach. NLP practitioner. Teaching students and guiding people to improve their relationships and get success. Clearing their self doubts and inculcating new values. Moreover I am UGC qualified professor of Education and Teaching of English. I am a mommy of two wonderful son and guardian to mentally retarded brother.I come from a small town near Patiala. Helping those who seeking it is my passion. Currently pursuing my Honours degree in psychology. I have a diploma in Early childhood care and education. I am a woman who is running her family single handedly without seeking anyone’s support. In my life, I have learnt that, If you’re ready to work on your dreams they can definitely come true. I give my best in my influencing career on instagram as beauty, fitness, parenting and motivation al content creator. I am a model too. Has done a photo shoot with Himanshi khurana and Asim Riaz . I wrote a mini blog on teenage parenting on instagram. I have an 8 years of experience of teaching graduation and post graduation students. I have my own blog. A certified habits life coach and Relationships coach. Website – Instagram handle - @ilabansal@thepinkobsessions.official YouTube – Facebook pages- Josh id -

About book : This book is a journal of my sour and spicy journey of married life. It is not a fairy tale , rather it is real life story of me and many more who can correlate to the situation, 'why they did not complaint about domestic violence?'. It's really easy for some to say, " I would have done this and that, if , i would have been in such situation. Believe me it's far more difficult when you are in the same situation." Marriage's in our culture are sacred bonds, which have to be preserved and nourished at any cost especially by a woman. Failure of a marriage, means a failure being a woman. We are conditioned to sacrifice everything just on a hope that everything will workout one day. A day which might never come.

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