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ISBN : 978-93-95125-37-6
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Life Style
ID : SB20320

Secret of Anti-Aging Formula

Stop your aging by eliminating stress from your life

Dr. Tanisha Goyal

e Book
Pages : 88
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 249.00

About author : Dr. Tanisha Goyal, a dentist who runs my own clinic. She has completed her Bachelor of dental surgeon degree in 2006, then she has done diploma in laser dentistry from Sharad Pawar Dental College and Hospital Wardha. Then She did a course in Cosmetic Dentistry from New York University and did a fellowship in Aesthetic from Geneva University. She has a passion to motivate people and spreading awareness about mental wellness. This made her learn about mind power and completed her reiki degree. Now she becomes a Neurolinguistic programming Practitioner and Super Coach. She counsels many clients successfully. In addition, clients are getting wonderful results in the domain of 'Business and Career, Emotional and Mental Wellness, Relationships, health, wealth creation, and academics. Her purpose in life is to serve more than 1 million people in her life. She has given a glimpse of how our thoughts and emotions affect our aging. Mental well-being is very significant but we always ignore this. Many researchers have been done to prove this point. Of course, she can able to explain a little bit here about this, but she also explains details in her Webinars, one-to-one counselling, and workshops. She conducts webinar in this topic where she explains in detail and gives more powerful techniques. People get extraordinary results by applying her techniques, and methods. Here she could explain a few methods. Thank you for giving her valuable time to read my book.

About book : In this book, I have elaborated on how the aging process is related to our emotions, and feelings. A person can able to reverse their age psychologically. (Shifting from negative emotions to positive). I have also explained mind and body connections at the quantum level. In this, how our body responds at the time of stress affects your body. Our food and psychological factors play a significant role in aging. Immunity gets affected when there are changes at a psychological level. Lastly, I have given certain techniques.

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