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ISBN : 978-93-95362-15-3
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB20337



Dr. Deepa Rani

e Book
Pages : 333
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 550.00

About author : Ph. D. (Education) Degree Awarded in November 2019 (M.D.U. Rohtak) NET (Education) 2012 from M.D.U. Rohtak. M. Phil (History) ” 2008 secured 64% from Summer Hills University, Shimla M. Phil (Education) 2007 secured 58.3% from Kurukshetra University 58 M.Ed. -Passed secured 65% from M.D.U., Rohtak M.A. -Passed secured 62.3% from Agra University, Agra B.Ed. -Passed secured 64.5% from Kurukshetra University ˜B.A. -Passed secured 59.0% from M.D.U., Rohtak * 12" -Passed secured 59.8% from HBSE Bhiwani. + 10" -Passed from HBSE Bhiwani. Professional Experience: + Working as a Teacher for B.Ed. students. + Teaching subjects are Social Studies (SST), Psychology.

About book : Teaching is an exciting and rewarding activity but like other professions it is demanding. It is requires that its practitioners clearly understand what should be done to bring about the most desirable learning in the pupil and be highly proficient in the skills necessary to carry out these tasks. Teaching is not the simple matter of profession one’s message. It is complicated communication problem. Using different teaching methods, techniques and devices we can solve the communication problem. Teaching methods are means by which he teachers attempt to bring about the desired learning. A professionally trained teacher can use different methods of teaching successfully. It is really a very difficult task and only a professionally qualified teacher can do this. We cannot expect all this from a teacher professionally unqualified. To provide professional education for teachers, colleges of education have been established almost all over the world. In Pakistan, teacher education program in consonance with various levels of education i.e. B.Ed and M.Ed have been introduced at certain colleges and universities. All the teachers training institutions are not only imparting theoretical but also practical knowledge and skill in teaching different subjects to prospective teachers. At the end of the session, teaching practice is carried out for practical application of theoretical understanding about different teaching methods. It is generally of one month’s duration. Whereas teaching is the process by which a person helps other people to learn. It is one of our most important activities. Teaching helps people to gain the knowledge and attitudes they need to be responsible citizens, earn a living and lead a peaceful life. It also provides a chief mean of passing knowledge to the next generation. Efforts to define “teaching” have centered on explorations of various facts of the concept of teaching rather than on the formulation of explicit definitions. Altogether there h

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