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Privacy Policy and Terms Condition

Last updated: June 29, 2023

1. The author will make payment as per the final payment plan intimated through email as self – Publication charge, which is inclusive of the chosen Night Queen Package charge and of the manuscript.
2. Add- on charges are subject to change.
3. The author is submitting the manuscript of their book of their own will, to the publisher, for the purpose of per – press activities, printing and distributions. The publisher agree to maintain the confidentiality of the company, until distribution.
4. The publisher will print and bring into circulation, the manuscript being submitted by the author, within a time frame of X working days of the author’s payment getting cleared and the final manuscript’s submission to the publication manager in (.doc) or (.docx) format. In the rare case that the book’s publication is getting delayed by force majeure events and for reasons beyond the publisher’s control – like unavailability of paper, food , acute power crisis strike of press workers, etc.., the publisher will keep the author informed by email /phone and will do their best to get the book published in time. The publisher will publish the book in the quoted time frame, provided the author is prompt in their responses and approves the final text and the cover design for printing.
5. The Author can expect the services from the publisher that are listed on the publisher’s website under the package selected and / or as intimated in the email.
6. Additional services are not listed in the selected package are available on additional payment (add-ons). Any other minor changes on the actual product will be with mutual consent only.
7. The book cannot be printed and distributed by two different organisations in the same language and the same country at the same time. The author can, however, withdraw the book from the publisher at any time, if the book is selected for publication by any conventional publisher; or for any other reasons. The author in such cases, needs to obtain a No Objection certification (NOC) from the publisher via email. There will be no fee for providing the NOC for the withdrawal of the project, but the author will have to buy the stocked copies, if any author must inform the publisher by email, so that they can stop selling and enlisting the book. There will be no refund made by the publisher to the author withdrawing a book or withholding publication.
8. The publisher takes Manuscript of the author and the publisher takes no ownership of the contents of the book. The publisher will not be a party with the author if any lawsuit arises from the contents of the book. The publisher may withdraw and withhold the distribution of the book of if any such lawsuit/ legal proceedings, or public controversies arise from the contents of the book and will relist only after the final judgment is granted in favour of the author, and the publisher deems it fit to be not listed again.
9. Publisher shall not be held responsible for unanticipated errors and distortions in the text file in language other than English. The author is liable to make all final corrections in the distorted file. Any additional support by the publisher in fixing the distortions will incur extra cost depending upon the error volume
10. Under certain package, the publisher offers eBook and global listing services on platforms like google books amazon kindle etc. for the author to become eligible to be listed on kindle, they need to have an author website with their official email address mentioned on the contact page and the copyright registration papers.
11. Publisher offers to the author 100% of the profit* as per the website calculator, from all sales proceeds of the book. Actual royalty amount is calculated based on the books final specifications. The author can decide the final MRP of the book which has to be equal to or greater than the suggested MSP by the publisher.
profit = MRP-(Printing cost + handling fees + shipment fees)
Royalty is 10% if the MRP in case of physical distribution.
12. This contract stands null and void in case of non-payment and or if the author fails to establish contact via email for a consecutive 15 days after signing this contract during the pre-press process. 50% of the total package fee will be charged over and above the balance due, should the author wishes to start again after the contract is voided.
13. Annual maintenance charges of book which is of worth rupees 250.00 will be deducted from royalty of book and remaining amount of royalty will credited to account mentioned in Royalty Remuneration Details. In case of insufficient royalty amount, author will have to pay maintenance charges.
14. The author assures that this work is original and not exactly the same as any other literature written by someone else, ruling out the possibilities of any copyright issue with other authors, in case the book is found to be in infringement of author’s copyrights plagiarized, or copied the publisher will have the right to withdraw the book from circulation with no refund.
15. The author assures that they own the right copyright of all the images and photos used inside the book the author understands that no images can be used for which the author does not own the copyright publisher will not be a party to any lawsuit arising, if any for anyone challenging the use of copyrighted photos/images in the book and the publisher may withdraw the book if any such lawsuit /legal proceedings arise from the use of copyrighted images/photo.
16. Author assures that the book is not among the 3 categories of book that the publisher does not print and distribute Pornographic book Book propagating the ideology of terrorist groups Book containing personal attacks or hatred against real person (s), organization (S), or communities(S).
17. Author can resell received complementary copies from the publisher and is entitled to get the additional copies at print prices plus handling fee and taxes. Under certain packages, the publisher measure. For inserting additional features in such a website, an additional cost will have to be borne by the author. The website will become the author’s property after handover and he/ she will have to renew the domain name of the website at the end of every year if willing to continue the website after one year.
18. The book will be available at the publisher’s partnered online stores like amazon, flip kart shop clues etc. in India and abroad as per the selected package. Buyers will also be able to buy it directly from the publisher’s website publisher store. Due to unanticipated order flow, the book may go out of stock any time but will be restocked within a span of 3-5 working days.
19. To fulfil the orders from across the nation, the publisher employs a number of printers. Thereby, the print quality, including the page texture, lamination, etc. may vary depending upon the order volume and location.
20. Author can make changes in the text and cover files in not more than two attempts and approve the book for printing. No changes are possible once the book is in press. Paid changes are however, possible in the next printed version/ edition, after the ready stock of books get sold and completed.
21. The author has every right to promote their book, on their own to build awareness and increase sales.
22. The author retains all rights, including copyright and other media and subsidiary rights.
23. Author can get this book translated in any other languages and publish the translated version of this book in the same country without seeking permission of the publisher.
24. The package fee (payable by the author) is with two instalment, and the package fee will not have to be paid again for the same book, in case the book is reprinted again due to high demand. Cancellations, if any, have to be made within 24-48 hours of ordering and payment. No requests for refund will be entertained after that