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ISBN : 978-93-90761-97-5
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB20151


O. H. P


e Book
Pages : 193
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 400.00

About author : PRAKASH R PATEL. Is presently working as a Assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering Dept. at K.J.I.T Savli, Baroda. He has completed his Master of Engineering with specialization in Thermal Science from M.S. University of Baroda in 2009 and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) from L.E. College of Engineering MORBI in 2006. He is the member of ISTE, New Delhi.

About book : This edition of the book is based on the syllabus of OIL HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS for the final year engineering students of all disciplines of Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat. Each chapter contains a number of solved and unsolved problems to imbue self -confidence in the students. Diagrams are prepared in accordance with ISI.For dimensioning ,the latest method is followed and SI Units are used.

Customer Reviews

Ayush Srivastava : Very nice book, it contains a number of solved problems and easy understandable language 23 October 2021

Meghrajsinh : Best book , Good understand. 23 October 2021

Rajput Mohit Kumar singh : Now students can easily understand and clear their doubts easily nice job sir ji 23 October 2021

Rushang bhoi : Content of book is easy to understand 23 October 2021

Hari shankar nair : Easy concept easy to understand perfect study source for students and profesionalsss 23 October 2021

Dhruv Rana : Very niche book by Praksh sirJi 23 October 2021

Rushi Patel : Awesome sir, Now we can understand easily about oil hydraulics. 23 October 2021

Mayur Mishra : Most understandable book on hydraulics I ever saw. It's concept and definitions are very easy. Moreover, it contains a number of solved problems which is also very easy to get. 23 October 2021

Sakshi Ladhawala : Such an amazing book 23 October 2021

Dhruvin Suthar : At first I thought the subject would be difficult, but when I read the book, it was given such a simple language that everything was understood. 23 October 2021

Honey Sheth : Every topic in book is nicely written.. easy to understand and well explained.. such a good book in this price is amazing.. 23 October 2021

Shivam : So easy to understand all topics.Very useful to understand hydraulic and pneumatic systems all topics are covered in easy way... 23 October 2021

Siddharth : Easy understanding and amazing topic explaining view. 23 October 2021

amn : Most understandable book on hydraulics I ever saw. It's concept and definitions are very easy. Moreover, it contains a number of solved problems which is also very easy to get 23 October 2021

milan mange : Best book for the GTU. Easy understanding for all topic. 23 October 2021

Preeti singh : Very informative book with detailed explanation of topics 24 October 2021

Ravi : Nicely explained all the topics. 24 October 2021

Moxda Bhardwaj : So easy understanding perfectly matching for GTU 24 October 2021

Pushti bhatt : Well explained book 24 October 2021

kishankumar n gajjar : Well explained book 24 October 2021

Kunal Nilesh Talegaonkar : Its very easy to grab the concept by just reading this book. It also contains number of solved example for great understanding and excellent book for GTU purpose. 24 October 2021

Ayush vaghela : Best book ever every topic explained in details 25 October 2021

Henry : Thank you sir, Good explained in this book. 28 October 2021

Henry : We appreciate your work sir. 28 October 2021

Govind Makwana : Excellent book 28 October 2021

Viraj jadhav : content of the book is nice and easily understandable by the students. good job sir. 28 October 2021

Prakash : This Book is very useful to Mechanical Engineering Branch. 02 November 2021

Bansari Panchal : The language of this book is so easy that anybody can easily understand the content. It has a deep knowledgeable content that we have to learn in mechanical engineering and it also has many solved questions that we don't have to look for any other materials. It almost cover everything. And it is designed like GTU pattern. 09 November 2021

Mahesh : Thank you sir for writing this book, Now we can learn easily from this book. 11 November 2021

Trupal : Easily understandable value given in this book. Thanks 11 November 2021

Shruti Joshi : Well explained book 26 November 2021

Sharma Tejaskumar Rajeshbhai : Reading this book satisfying 11 December 2021

Hehshj : Very good book 03 February 2022

Raghuveersinh Rajput : Very informative book by Mr.Prakash Patel Sir. This book has explained all its fundamentals of OIL HYDRAULICS AND PNEUMATICS in a very easy and understandable way. 03 February 2022

Sahaj patel : Very helpful book sir..... easy language and best contents... amazing sir... 07 March 2022


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