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ISBN : 978-93-6087-830-6
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB21087

Higher Education in India post NEP 2020: Expansion, Quality and Excellence


Mr. Bhawesh Kumar

e Book
Pages : 152
Language : English
HARDCASE Price : 999.00

About author : Mr. Bhawesh Kumar is currently fulfilling the role of Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Geography at Srinath University in the vibrant city of Jamshedpur. In this esteemed capacity, Mr. Kumar is entrusted with the dual responsibilities of guiding the academic direction of the Geography Department and overseeing its operational aspects. His role involves not only imparting knowledge and fostering intellectual growth among students but also providing leadership and vision to the department's initiatives. As Assistant Professor, Mr. Bhawesh Kumar brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the classroom, where he engages students with the intricacies of geography, from physical landscapes to socio-economic phenomena. His commitment to academic excellence and mentorship is reflected in his interactions with students, where he encourages critical thinking, research exploration, and a deep understanding of geographical principles. Moreover, as the Head of the Department, Mr. Kumar plays a pivotal role in curriculum development, faculty coordination, and academic planning. He collaborates with fellow educators and administrators to enhance the department's offerings, ensuring alignment with evolving academic standards and industry needs. Under his leadership, the Geography Department at Srinath University continues to thrive as a hub of learning and innovation, preparing students for meaningful careers and scholarly pursuits in the field of geography.

About book : The Book titled "Higher Education in India post NEP 2020: Expansion, Quality and Excellence" likely provides an in-depth analysis of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020's impact on the higher education landscape in India. This policy, released by the Government of India, has set ambitious goals for transforming higher education to meet the evolving needs of the 21st century. The book likely explores key themes related to expansion, quality enhancement, and achieving excellence in higher education following the implementation of NEP 2020. This book would likely serve as a valuable resource for policymakers, educators, researchers, and students interested in understanding the transformative impact of NEP 2020 on higher education in India. It could offer critical insights, data-driven analyses, and policy recommendations aimed at advancing the goals of expansion, enhancing quality, and fostering excellence in the Indian higher education sector post the implementation of NEP 2020. If anyone looking to explore the details and implications of the NEP 2020, they can find resources such in this, that analyze and discuss the policy in depth. These resources can provide valuable insights into the objectives, strategies, and expected outcomes of the National Education Policy 2020 and its potential impact on education in India.

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