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ISBN : 978-93-6087-398-1
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Reference
ID : SB21021



Dr. Rita Saikia, Rodali Mohan

e Book
Pages : 325
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 750.00

About author : Dr. Rita Saikia is an assistant professor of B. H. College, Howly in the department of Political Science. She has completed her Masters in Political Science from Dibrugarh University in 2013. She has carried out her Ph.D research work in the topic on " American Intervention in Afghanistan: Implications for India (2001-2014)." from the department of Political Science, Assam University. She has presented papers in various national and international conferences and has also published articles in peer reviewed and UGC CARE listed Journals. Her area of interest on on ethnicity, women empowerment, rural development, Indo- US relationship, Indo-Afghanistan relationship etc. She has published an edited book on "Emerging Issues and Challenges in North East India". She has also qualified State Eligibility Test conducted by North-East Region. Dr. Saikia has around 4 years of teaching experience at Under Graduate level. Rodali Mohan is currently working as an assistant professor in the department of Political Science, Duliajan College since 2022. she completed her post-graduation from Dibrugarh University in the year 2019. She has a number of research papers published in various reputed journals and UGC CARE listed journals. she has presented several papers in international and national seminars. Ms. Mohan's areas of Interest include Public Administration, Comparative Politics, Rural Development, Political Theory etc. She has qualified UGC-NET.

About book : The present era is an era of interconnectedness. In the present context we are trying to explore the multifaceted dimensions of globalization through a book called “Globalization: exploring its Concepts and Debates”. It is a collection of research papers and articles contributed by esteemed academicians from different backgrounds. This book serves as a comprehensive guide, unravelling the complexities of globalization across various disciplines including economics, politics, sociology, culture, science and technology and so on. It explores how globalization has influenced economic systems, trade patterns, flow of capital etc. presenting a nuanced understanding of its impact on both the developing and developed countries. Furthermore, this book delves into the political dimensions of globalization including power dynamics, governance structures, international relations etc. Moreover, this book also addresses the socio-cultural aspects of globalization investing its impact on religion, identity, culture, gender, social movements. Through a series of thought-provoking analysis and insightful discussions, this book will attract the readers to critically engage with the topic of globalization and its opportunities and challenges. It will further definitely be an indispensable resource for academicians, scholars, students, policymakers and anyone who has an interest in understanding globalization in the present scenario.

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