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ISBN : 978-93-93557-36-0
Category : Non Fiction
Catalogue : Autobiography
ID : SB20207

Flying Success: Investment On Ethics

Biography of Mr. Paras Sharma

Ms. Shalini Vaid & Mr.Paras Sharma

e Book
Pages : 159
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 300.00

About author : Ms. Shalini Vaid is a distinguished writer specifically focused on biography writing and books. She has intricate writing experience of nearly 15 years and has been dedicatedly creating noteworthy life journeys. She is based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has already completed 6 biographies and various books and articles for corporates PAN india and globally. Penning memorable journeys of people into inspirational stories is her forte. She has the expertise of writing books on any subject under the sun whether it is biographies or technical subjects. Mr. Paras Sharma has contributed remarkable inputs for the biography and has been the supporting author for this book.

About book : Mr. Paras Sharma is a senior pharma professional who has traversed the boundaries of this world. He has traveled for business development of Pharmaceuticals in more than 70 countries from Africa Continent, South – East Asia, Middle- East, CIS, and LATAM and has the expertise to proliferate pharmaceuticals business in 120 Plus countries with his connections, relations in as many Nations. In the process Paras has developed business relations with eminent personalities in Ministries of Health in Different Countries from the Level of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Health Ministers and other prominent policymakers and decision-makers in the respective country for the Pharmaceuticals Business development. In the process, he can build all the prevalent forms of Pharmaceuticals Business be it Private Market, Distribution Driven market, Primary or Secondary markets, Prescription driven Brand Promotion Markets, Hospital driven Tender Markets, Global Tender Business so on so forth. Like a sphynx has risen from a medical representative to the senior-most positions in this industry. During the coronavirus traumatic situation in India, he did his best to support his family and all those near and dear to him. The time for one and all during this Corona Virus time-period was challenging for Paras as well, he along with his wife suffered and were hospitalized and there was more for store for the family as there was theft in the house in October 2020, followed by loss of employment and financial losses, it was not all yet to finish as there was a fire in the House kitchen and entire kitchen was gutted down. One after other issues within the span of a year were savaged by the calamities. It was yet not finished. In 2021 a few days after the second wave of coronavirus savaged the whole world, Mr. Paras Sharma, at a very tender age suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized. Despite suffering from intense pain and the effects of surgery he had a beautiful smile on his lips.

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