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ISBN : 978-93-90290-95-6
Category : Academic
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Annies Antony

e Book
Pages : 347
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 600.00

About author : ‘A Teacher is an Educator – Always and Everywhere ’.This is proved quite true in the case of Mrs. Annies Anthony. She is known to me for the past 17 years, as a good friend and an excellent teacher in English, at St. Xavier ‘s High School and Junior College, Virar. Her profound knowledge in English Grammar is quite admirable as she can explain with ease, any topic in grammar at any time – without consulting any book. I am often amazed at the depth of knowledge in grammar, she possesses. She has been teaching English to the SSC and HSC students and her simple method of teaching grammar, has been adopted by many a teacher in our school. She is in fact, a mentor and guide to all her colleagues who approached her with any problem and she has always availed herself to listen to them and render them a helping hand. Mrs. Annies has been a tremendous ‘support system’ for me as well. Whenever l was assailed by any ambiguity, l sought her help and she cleared my doubts in a jiffy. ln a nutshell, she is a perfect paragon of an exemplary teacher and a strong pillar of our educational institution. Prior to joining St. Xavier’s, she was a teacher at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Mumbai, for about fifteen years. Owing to her change of residence, she joined our school when we were desperately looking out for a good teacher in English. With her help and guidance, the ‘English’ of our students improved to a great extent because she spoke no other language than English. This book, ‘English Grammar Made Easy’ , is not merely an outcome of her bookish knowledge but it is an expression of her own experience in teaching grammar. It will certainly enable one, to master the English language and have a good command over it. I wish her all the best ! Ms. Prajna Shenoy The Principal, St. Xavier’s High School and Junior College, Virar, Mumbai.

About book : This book on grammar is designed to meet the requirements of all students, both from English and Vernacular medium backgrounds. It strictly complies with the new approach to the teaching of English Grammar. Every aspect of Grammar, starting from the Alphabet, has been dealt with, in a simple and easy way for the students to follow. Copious illustrative examples and practice exercises have been provided in the book to help students handle the topics with confidence. The grammatical structures, vocabulary and communication skills will ensure a good command or mastery over the English language. The exercises given after every topic, have been framed, keeping in mind, the problems faced by my own students. As a teacher in English, for a number of years at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Mumbai and St. Xavier’s High School and Junior College, Virar- for the Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections, I have noticed that many students consider grammar- ‘a hard nut to crack’ – something that goes above their head. Hence, throughout this book, I have made an attempt to explain the various topics, in the simplest way possible by giving simple examples. Thus, all efforts have been made, to maintain the true nature of the book by keeping it, true to its title ‘English Grammar Made Easy’. The content of the book is useful not only for the students but also for the teachers and the general public- interested in acquiring- competence in English Language in an easy way. In fact, the students cannot read and study Grammar as they do with the other subjects. It has to be taught and understood and for that, the teachers have to be fully confident and sure of the Grammar topics they intend to explain. Or else, they would only be confusing the students, and as a result, the students do not take any interest in learning grammar and often, it is sidetracked. On the other hand, if the topics are clearly explained and understood, the students will definitely enjoy learning it and consider

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