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AWS Cloud Practitioner
ISBN : 978-93-90290-84-0
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Computer
ID : SB20081

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Certification Course


e Book
Pages : 146
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 299.00

About author : I Abhilasha Akkala working as an assistant professor at centurion university technology and management Odisha. I certified as an AWS cloud practitioner and AWS associate. I share my all experience for preparation AWS cp in practical oriented I Avinash seekoli certified in testing ISTQB and working as an assistant professor in centurion university technology and management Odisha

About book : In the old days, if a company wanted to have a presence in the technology space, they needed a data center, a place to host computers, and an IT team to run everything. You had to hook up redundant power, backups, and temperature control (machines run hot). A lot of resources, time, and effort went into the equipment and the software to give you a foothold in the technology space. That presents a barrier to entry for companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators who don’t have the resources to build all of this infrastructure. Now, instead of building the infrastructure themselves, companies can essentially rent the infrastructure from AWS, lowering the barrier to entry for innovators and entrepreneurs. Companies don’t have to have an on-site data center, they can rely on AWS, its redundancies, high availability, and all the things that make that infrastructure valuable. These data centers are spread throughout the world, providing disaster recovery – if a center fails in one location, it can roll over into another region.AWS Cloud Practitioner is a foundational Certification Exam (conducted by AWS) for non-technical job roles. Most often taken up by Sales/Marketing professionals, this exam doesn’t test your development skills, but rather your understanding of the AWS Marketplace which is a fundamental requirement for many job roles which are based around Cloud Computing and in particular AWS.AWS has different exams for different levels and sections, was recently introduced AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. This book is for all those nontechnical guys who don't have any idea about cloud computing, terminologies, and jargon. You will be dealing with cloud terminologies and concepts. Later you will come across different terminologies of AWS and it's the introduction from IAM to VPC, including an introduction of how websites works

Customer Reviews

avinash : help ful for practice and crack the certification.thank you 08 January 2021


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