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ISBN : 978-93-95362-03-0
Category : Academic
Catalogue : Life Style
ID : SB20330

Awakening formula mastery in relationship with the help of NLP

Ultimate guide to have more love, excitement, trust & happiness

Aayush Rathi

e Book
Pages : 70
Language : English
PAPERBACK Price : 399.00

About author : Aayush Rathi is an entrepreneur and a certified practitioner NLP super coach. He is trained coach with domain in business counselling, money, relationship, health, and time and habit mastery. In his education he has done MBA & With a sound family background of industry and business he’s always motivated to learn new skills. Loves to play Cricket player and fond of driving car and travelling, use to cook most delicious food on hobby basis. With most handsome looks and attractive smile he create his fan base on his humble and gentle personality. Having knowledge of industry and business he is trained in NLP with use of which he’s training business man for right strategy & mind-set towards business, relationship building and earning money. His gentle quality of managing human relationship have an impressive impact on his training in relationship with spouse, love life and self. Optimistic, Enthusiastic, disciplined, hardworking personality is on mission of educating & train people on business, relationship, mind mastery, and mindfulness.

About book : In this book you will learn how to awaken yourself, to manage relationships & build better relationships with your partner in a digital world. It also teaches you how to understand your love language and manage your love for self, for each other and for life. As a millennial, you know that modern relationships are not always easy or simple. You understand that we spend most of our time checking our phones, going on dates and making new friends. But relationships are also supposed to be hard work. If your partner has hurt you, it’s natural to feel confused, angry and vulnerable. The good news is: Any relationship can be a healthy and mutual source of happiness when the people involved truly commit to building loving connections. How many of you have been in a toxic relationship, felt like your are not good enough, feel unworthy of love? Would you know, if your love language is different from the other person? Have you ever tried to talk with your partner and show infinite gratitude, appreciation and how much you love them? Would they hear it or respond positively. How can you attract the one who loves you unconditionally? The Awakening formula is a secret guide that helps to release these barriers and move forward in being authentic with oneself and others. It asks for total honesty about self-esteem, life background history, attachment styles, issues like alcoholism dependency etc. Are you ready to create the relationship you desire? Are you craving a loving partner? Are you interested in ensuring that your life partner is worthy of your time and energy? If so then this course is for you.

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